What is Craft Wine?

Barrel Riot specializes in aging wines in Bourbon, Rum and Tequila barrels to bring out incredible spices and flavors in the wine!  These wines are crafted to be a triumph over traditional.

Don’t drink wine – experience it!

Barrel Riot is about the experience of your drink.  If you’re going to drink a spirit barrel-aged wine, you should be able to feel it – like you would when drinking the spirit alone.

Sipping these wines slowly allows you to enjoy that tingle on your lips, the feel of spice on your tongue and the warming of the back of your throat as the wine travels through your palate.  Every sip should be an experience and the wines are designed to do just that.

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A triumph over traditional.

We love a great-tasting wine as much as anybody. Maybe even more. But a well-worn spirit barrel should never go to waste when it’s got so much flavor left to give.

That’s why our wines finish their journey inside one of these wooden wonders – just soaking it all in to create a unique, complex character that puts a cork in tradition.

So take a sip, but take it slow and savor the aged-in aromas of this one-of-a-kind liquid celebration.

Come out and see us!

Welk Resort Farmer’s Market

3pm – 7pm Mondays

Poway Farmer’s Market

8am – 1pm Saturdays