What is a Craft Wine?

Imagine being shipped a used Bourbon, Rum or Tequila barrel after it’s been used to age those strong spirits for years.  Even though there is no liquid left in those barrels, when you open that cork you are hit in the face with the fragrance of what was once in that barrel.  Adding wine into those barrels infuses the wine with those fragrances and as the wine soaks into the inside of the barrel, it displaces the trapped flavors of the spirits that once shared the same barrel.  This opens up the flavors in the wine and brings out spicy characteristics in the grape that would have never been tasted if not exposed to this craft wine process. 
We specialize in finding the right wines to pair with the right spirit barrels to bring out the best flavors and spices to create these unique wines.  We are a non-traditional winery specializing in non-traditional wines.  They can be enjoyed by even those who aren’t wine drinkers!  Spirit drinkers appreciate the feel and spices that these wines have when sipping them slowly and realize quickly that these are not your grandmother’s wines.  Unlike drinking most heavy spirits, they can also be enjoyed over a meal to enhance their flavors.
Pairing these wines with foods that have even the slightest bit of spice brings out even more of the spicy flavors in the wine.  The wine also enhances the spices of the food.  These are not your typical table wine used to wash down your food, they are sipping wines and can be enjoyed by themselves or used to pair with your food to enhance their flavors and spices.
Throw out all of what you know about wine pairing when enjoying these products.  They are non-traditional and will pair with foods that you would never think to pair with them traditionally.  Sushi with red wine?  Pairing with black licorice? Yep, that works also!

So, come and join us to celebrate our uniqueness in bringing these awesome new products to the market. Participate in our journey to triumph over typical.

Our Journey

Enjoying the taste of beer and wine is a long tradition dating back thousands of years. It’s actually only over the past decade that the beer industry has exploded with microbreweries popping up everywhere and serving all different flavors of beers. One could say “It’s like we’re in the 80’s of beer” (referring to the music breakouts of the 80’s in comparison to the way beer is breaking out now).

Differing from the beer industry, wineries have stayed mostly traditional throughout their journey into the 21st century. At Barrel Riot, we aim to disrupt the wine industry by eliminating the monotone connotation that traditional wine has acquired.  Focusing on the customer experience with their beverage, Barrel Riot goes way beyond thinking of wine as simply a grape product which showcases the farming capabilities of the winery.  We are proud to remove the traditional wine limitations and focus on simply creating great tasting unique beverages for our customers.

-Daniel Lipsky CEO