Why we exist

Barrel Riot unites the fortified stature of spirits, with the classical integrity of traditional wines to conjure a beverage that transcends typical. With every bottle of this unique spirit barrel-aged wine, comes a redefinition of what it means to be an individual.

Human beings are complex and remarkable. What we drink should reflect that. Whether you are a casual spirit drinker, or a seasoned wine veteran, we can guarantee you will love the adventurous experience Barrel Riot has to offer.

So, come and join us to celebrate our unity through individuality. Participate in our journey to triumph over typical.

Our Journey

Enjoying the taste of beer and wine is a long tradition dating back thousands of years. It’s actually only over the past decade that the beer industry has exploded with microbreweries popping up everywhere and serving all different flavors of beers. One could say “It’s like we’re in the 80’s of beer” (referring to the music breakouts of the 80’s in comparison to the way beer is breaking out now).

Differing from the beer industry, wineries have stayed mostly traditional throughout their journey into the 21st century. At Barrel Riot, we aim to reinfuse the wine industry to eliminate the monotone connotation that traditional wine has acquired. 

-Daniel Lipsky CEO